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Premise[ edit ] An irreverent blind woman in her twenties, Murphy drifts through life in a drunken haze. She has only two friends—Jess, her understanding roommate, and Tyson, a teenage drug-dealer who saved her from a violent mugging.

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This is a print version of story drunk Wife Cheats! I have been married to the same woman for twenty-three years.

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"You were so unbelievably desirable, even after all you'd been through. I took a cold shower just to get you off my mind.

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But I was still mad at him for telling me such a bald-faced lie.

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He didn't try to calm me.

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All of it culminated in me being a little on the cranky side when I crawled out of bed Thursday morning. To add insult to injury, I found the kitchen a mess and Jolie and Dirk making out-possibly more-on the couch.

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You were a rebound fuck, Dirk. If you hadn't walked by, it would have been someone else.

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Silently, I begged him to please touch me like I needed.

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Wrenching my hand away, I grabbed a pillow and walloped him in the face. There was a muffled shout from the other side.

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