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Occasionally, he pressed his lips to my head. But he still remained quiet.

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I didn't mind if he held it in place or I could use my own hand.

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I'd not yet confronted him about the incident from last Halloween. Each time I psyched myself up, something happened that made me lose my nerve.

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It was only a one-bedroom apartment, but there was a large alcove in the living room that Chris had set up divider screens around to hide a futon and a small chest of drawers for Will's privacy. I'd not stayed there very often ever since to give Will the space to concentrate.

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I didn't sleep well that night due to the usual, boisterous theatrics of the oblivious couple in the next room.

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God, woman, do you know what a temptation you are just being in the same room with me. Add in that we were alone.

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